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with the summer heat, I’ve been craving a thick and creamy smoothie bowl pretty …

with the summer heat, I’ve been craving a thick and creamy smoothie bowl pretty much every other morning 💕☀️ I always make sure to add a decent amount of protein and fat to my bowls to help keep me satisfied and energized.
such a refreshing and nourishing way to start the day, and the best part is… it’s a wonderful blank canvas and vessel for all the glorious toppings 😎
I hope you have a wonderful wednesday! ❤️
“blue cacao” smoothie pack from @revivesuperfoods (my code LELIVES60 will save you 60% on your order!) + added a scoop of @ancientnutrition’s chocolate plant protein and blended with almond milk. topped with banana slices, figs, hemp seeds, and a drizzle of @eatfatso peanut butter!


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